Manual Bending Machine
Manual Bending Machine

Manual Angle Bending Machine

Manual Angle Bending Machine
Manual Angle Bending Machine
Manual Angle Bending Machine
Manual Angle Bending Machine



Product Details

Baikal Manual Angle Bending Machine is Made by Light Weight Aluminium Alloy and Stainless Steel for its long service life property.

48 cm throat depth with 4 cm mouth opening.

Make perfect 180 degree bends in up to 0.4mm stainless steel sheet, 0.8mm Aluminium sheet, 0.6mm Galvanized steel sheet.


"Make our building more economic and more convenient". Freely make various sheet profile used for building accessory, help us save 50% money to buy profile at any time.

Good Performance

Fast install and disassemble, easy operation, Portable & convenient transportation make it much workable from one site to another.  4.2 Meter bending machine weights only 157kgs, while 3.2 meter ones weight 118kgs.

China Patent 

"Baikal" Manual bending machines and its parts obtain 22 kinds of “New Patents Certification” Issued by “China National Intellectual Property Administration”, the design can not be copy.

Molding parts
Baikal Manual Bending Machine Performance
Characters BJR-2200 BJR-3200 BJR-4200
Length 2200mm 3200mm 4200mm
Max bendable thickness-GA Steel ≤0.6mm ≤0.6mm ≤0.6mm
Max bendable thickness-Aluminum ≤0.8mm ≤0.8mm ≤0.8mm
Max bendable thickness-Stainless Steel ≤0.4mm ≤0.4mm ≤0.4mm
Max bendable thickness-Copper ≤0.7mm ≤0.7mm ≤0.7mm
Max bendable Angle 180° 180° 180°
Mouth Opening 40mm 40mm 40mm
N.W.(with feet) 90kg 118kg 157kg
G.W.(with feet) 125kg 163kg 213kg
Full Size after installation 2200 x 1500 x 1200mm 3200 x 1500x 1200mm 4200 x 1500 x 1200mm
Packing dimension 2300x720*370mm 3300x720*370mm 4300x720*370mm
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